Mental Health


Mental health is just as important as our physical health.

Our mental health is how we are feeling inside and emotionally.

It can affect your ability to:

  • work
  • study
  • do the things you need and want to do
  • get along with others
  • look after yourself
  • Talking about your feelings and mental health can help.

If you are concerned about how you are feeling, there are lots of services that can help.


Support Available

Healthy Minds and Lifecycle

Healthy Minds is a supportive team of professionals who work with children as an early intervention to prevent stress and improve mental health outcomes.

This is a free NHS service available for school/college pupils and their families to develop skills and promote positive wellbeing.

Healthy Minds aim to ensure children and young people enjoy life and can establish coping strategies to manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. They offer evidence-based treatments, including individual and group work to support a variety of common mental health issues including low mood and depression, bullying, self-harming behaviours and more.

School Nursing team

5-19 Years – All school age children have access to the School Nursing service and young people aged between 11-19 years old also have access to a confidential text messaging service called CHATHealth which is staffed by the School Nursing Team. School nursing contacts include height & weight measurements in reception and year 6, vision screening in reception, targeted public health sessions in secondary schools which cover a wide range of health promotion topics.

Escape Intervention Services

The organisation promotes the emotional, social, educational and vocational competence of children and young people.

3 Waverley
Market Dock
Long Row
South Shields
NE33 1LE
Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom

Contact number: 0191 427 6353 / 07599 307481

Who we are – Escape Intervention 

Online Support

Solihull Approach

Free online courses for all parents, carers, grandparents and teens on a range of topics for all residents living in South Tyneside. All courses support emotional health and wellbeing and cover topics including:

  • Antenatal and postnatal bonding
  • Understanding your child or young person
  • Your child or young person with additional needs
  • Teenagers feelings and brain development

To access the online courses, follow this link and use the ‘ForEveryFamily’ as the access code.


Whatever you’re feeling, we’re here to help.

Get free, safe and anonymous support, for ages 10-25 here.


Information about support for health and wellbeing in education for children and young people with SEND including the support available, and much more can be found here.