Support for Young People


In this section you can find details about the services and activities to support young people in South Tyneside.

Support Available

South Tyneside Youth Service

South Tyneside Youth Service gives young people aged 10 and above the chance to get involved in exciting youth projects across the Borough. Projects offer a safe space for young people to:

  • relax and have fun
  • engage with informal education
  • access creative and sporting activities
  • go on trips (including residential trips)
  • take part in social action/community projects
  • opportunities to develop personal, social, and emotional skills
  • Projects are based around young people’s own interests, experiences and are youth-led.

South Tyneside Youth Service projects include:

If you would like more information about any projects please contact Gayle Snowball, Senior Youth Worker, South Tyneside Youth Service on 0191 424 0118 or email:

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Facebook: South Tyneside Youth Service

Instagram: @stc_youthservice

Free holiday activities

Eligible children across South Tyneside will continue to access free, nutritious food and engaging activities over the school holidays, as the government has confirmed funding for the holiday activities and food programme (HAF) throughout 2024. These free holiday clubs will continue to run to support parents with childcare costs over the holidays.

Activities include:

  • football
  • multi-sports camps
  • creative sessions
  • cooking classes

Who can attend:

To be eligible to attend the free holiday club activities, children and young people must:

  • live in South Tyneside, and
  • be 5 to 16 years old, and
  • be eligible for benefit related, or be in a family currently experiencing hardship

We are operating on a trust-based booking system which will hopefully allow families who will really benefit from free meals and activities, to access them

To find out more, sign up using the link below:

Overview – South Tyneside Council

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is a supportive team of professionals who work with children and young people as an early intervention to prevent stress and improve mental health outcomes.

This is a free NHS service available for school/college pupils and their families to develop skills and promote positive wellbeing. Healthy Minds aim to ensure children and young people enjoy life and can establish coping strategies to manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

They offer evidence-based treatments, including individual and group work to support a variety of common mental health issues including Low Mood and Depression, Bullying, Self-Harming Behaviours and more.

South Tyneside Lifecycle Primary Care Mental Health Service



Support for people with special educational needs and disabilities:

The South Tyneside local offer can offer young people with SEND information and signpost to a range of services including assessments, care services, direct payments and much more. Details can be found here Support and care – SEND Local Offer

The Toby Henderson Trust

The Toby Henderson Trust (TTHT) is an independently funded charity supporting autistic children, young people and adults, their families and carers in the North East of England.

They provide relevant, appropriate and accessible support for autistic young people from two years into adulthood, whilst also empowering parents, families and carers by sharing knowledge, experience and understanding.  They acknowledge that everyone’s situation is unique and encourage you to contact them to discuss how they can offer individual support.

To find out about more services and supports including specialist groups and local activities see the South Tyneside Local Offer here.